November 6, 2016


Many people not familiar with websites are unfamiliar with the terms “Domain Name” and “Hosting”, they have different meaning and different costs.

Domain Name

The domain name is how the internet identifies your website such as or Your business requires a name by which it can be easily recognised by your existing and future customers. There is a difference between a .com and a – the first usually relates to a large business often based worldwide, the latter is a signal to Google that you’re a UK-based website and usually hosted in the UK. This gives you an extra boost in Google based searches.

A Domain Name costs between £8 to £12 + vat for 12 months and requires annual renewal, if you don’t renew your Domain Name, your website will not work and visitors (potential customers) will not be able to see you. Once you have decided on a name for your website, you need to purchase it which automatically registers it to you for the period paid for i.e. 12 months.

We can help guide you through identifying a suitable name for your website if you don’t already have one OR if someone else has already purchased it. A Domain Name must have a minimum of 3 characters in the title and be kept short in length.


Website “Hosting” is a location (Large Internet Computer with lots of storage) where your website is stored that enables individuals and businesses to access your website information. Hosting is always provided by a specialist “hosting company” who have extremely large storage areas with high volume access (via telephone lines) to enable hundreds of customers to visit your website at the same time.

The cost of hosting is dependent upon the size of your website, but an average cost would be in the region of £50 + vat for 12 months which includes a number of facilities such as 50 email addresses. We use a particular UK based company for all our hosting because of their reliability and out of hours support. We can help you to setup an account with them if you do not already have a website.